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Micro-Supernova LED Turn Signals by Revival

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COMING SOON!!! This is a pre-sale listing, there is no price, no shipping, no cost, and we will NOT send these for free. BUT if you "buy" a set we will make sure you are first in line when the production parts are ready. Also, if you include a price that you think this product should sell for in the notes section we will offer you a 15% discount off the production units. (As a warning....these will NOT be cheap so be realistic. Anyone can make cheap large LED lights.) Please EMAIL US if you would like to be put on the notification list when a final price and delivery date is determined. 

This product is one of our in-house development projects at Revival, we've just finished the prototypes and they are being tested on the Ducati Paul Smart shown in the photos. These little lights are pretty cool, it's a 5 watt amber LED that is packaged in a custom machined aluminum M6-1 bolt.  We also pair these tiny bulbs with a custom built LED current driver that we designed to be small enough to hide on the lead wires with no special mounting considerations, it just blends into the wire loom. Doing it this way makes it very easy to install these lights, if you can drill a hole you can install these signals. Simple. (well, other than the electrical engineering and heat transfer R&D that went into the design)

All LED lights are not created equal and so far we have not found another product that comes even remotely close to the performance and size of our lights. The aluminum housings are shown next to a dime as a scale reference. They are even tinier than they appear since the lights are in FRONT of the dime. Once these little guys are installed they are virtually invisible. They hide out of sight, unnoticed, until you switch them on and then they can't be missed! It is universally impressive to see how much light comes from such a small surface and it's amazing how something so easily overlooked can turn into a blaze that even the most careless cage driver can't ignore. 

SPECIFICATIONS for the other geeks out there that just want the numbers:

 A typical "super bright" 3mm or 5mm LED that is used as the basis for the majority of LED bulb replacement products in the market produces 12,000 MCD at a viewing angle of 20-25 degrees, best case. That is the rough equivalent of about 1 lumen. Our bulb produces 105 lumen with total viewing angle of 130 degrees (50% intensity @ 100 degrees). Its easy to get excited about big numbers like 12,000 MCD but that is millicandela, like measuring a mile one inch at a time. When you are looking at LED lighting products make sure you pay attention to what they are selling, if it doesn't have specs it is probably cheap and useless and the specs are usually omitted because they are embarrassing. 



Characteristic Specification
Light Output 105 LUMEN (not MCD!)
Rated Power (Per Bulb) 5 Watts
Wave Length (Color) 587.5 to 597.5 Nanometer (Amber)
Viewing Angle 100 Degrees (Effective) 130 Degrees (Total)
Input Voltage Range 8-30 Volts
Drive Current 1.0 Amp +/- 5%
Thread M6-1.0 x 3/8"
Hex Size 8mm



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